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Especially for those who cannot live without eggs, Hong Kong-styled "cha-chan-teng" (茶餐廳) may arguably be your best alternative to the Western styled breakfast/brunch! Before we bring you the best spots to enjoy local brunch in Hong Kong, we would like to give you a little reminder before you step into any "cha-chan-teng"s - the SPEED! Be clear and decisive on what you order as you might be served right-away by a very impatient and short-tempered staff the moment you are seated. After some shouting from the staff to the bar counter, your food will most likely be served within 5 minutes or even 30 seconds (in the case of the legendary Australia Dairy Company(澳洲牛奶公司)) after you order. 


Australia Dairy Company


Arguably the speediest "cha-chan-teng" in Hong Kong, everything is about speed here. A queue is expected, even you arrive on a weekday 8:30am but the queue moved pretty fast with close supervision of the staff. Let's do some basic time flow of the brunch-

8:30am Arrive

8:30-8:40 In the Queue 

8:41 Seated & Ordered (Unless you want to order a-la carte, otherwise you only have one set option for brunch before 11am - which is macaroni in soup with ham + scrambled egg / open face fried egg with white bread/ toast + drink)

8:42 Your Macaroni in soup arrived

8:48 Your scrambled egg / open face fried egg with bread arrived

8:52 (Given you already finished your macaroni) The staff will take the finished plates away which make space for serving your drink. You will be asked to order your drink

8:55 Drink is served

9:00 Finish your food & Ready to leave. Don't forget to ask the waiter to give you a slip which stated the amount you need to pay at the cashier. 

9:01 Pay your bill at the cashier & Go!

Note- 20 minutes of customers' visiting strength may seem pretty fast but is considered the average time here. 



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47 Parkes St, Jordan (Jordan MTR Exit C2 with 2 minute of walking)

Closed on Thursday

Capital Cafe


With its opening on the first store in Mong Kong in 2010, the Captial Cafe has expanded to a few locations in Hong Kong. Similar with Australian Dairy Company, they only provide you one breakfast option in the morning- which is macaroni in soup with ham + scrambled egg / open face fried egg with white bread/ toast + drink. We opine that the scrambled egg here is 98% close to the legendary scrambled eggs from Australian Dairy Company, but the macaroni in soup with ham is slightly not as good as the Australian Dairy Company. 


Wanchai branch: Shop B1, G/F, Kwong Sang Hong Building, 6 Heard Street, Wan Chai

MongKok branch: 107 Sai Yeung Choi St S, Mong Kok



This brunch spot is a hidden gem in the alley of Central, located right near where the famous central pedestrian footbridge is. The shop is operated by a husband and wife, with the wife as the waitress and the husband as the only chef. "Dai-pai-dong" in cantonese are road-side stalls selling cooked food, a bit like street vendors but with fold-able seating and tables under retractable canopies. They are highly dynamic places which they could expand in day time to 4-5 times the size of their stall but are then completely contained within a stall at midnight. Eating at these local is a truly quintessential Hong Kong experience. So what's about the food in Yue Hing? You can choose either the sandwich option or the noodles option. They do both excellently. You can have a egg omelette with peanut butter sauce and cheese as your sandwich filling, which is a very fulfilling way to start your day! If you want something soupy, you can order a bowl of instant noodles with egg omelette (with spam and lettuce) which is cooked on point and served hot. As the store is only operated by a couple, some waiting time is also expected. 


82 Stanley St, Central