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Here we would like to show you some of our favorite chiffon cakes we baked so far. The recipes will be up here soon!


lemon chiffon cake


感謝 Phoebe@hous 的場地拍攝!

Fluffy slices of lime and orange chiffon cake baked in late summer
Refreshing and imo the perfect summer cake!




nergi berries chiffon

BB奇異果戚風蛋糕 🥝

Nergi berries are like mini-kiwis! They are healthy, tasty and perfect for cakes!
They are very healthy fruits (rich in vitamin C), 0% GMO, 100% natural and low-calories, as well as very easy to eat(skins are edible). Nergi berries also look so lovely on cakes and tastes naturally sweet.  


gold peach & earl grey chiffon

日本金桃x 伯爵茶戚風蛋糕

Earl grey chiffon cake with Japanese golden momo (peach). This time we are trying to intensify tea flavors of the cake! Let the baking game go strong! 

figs & hokkaido milk tea chiffon cake

無花果 x 北海道奶茶戚風蛋糕

Hokkaido milk tea chiffon cake, with cream and fresh figs. Although my love for matcha never dies, I start experimenting different flavours and exploring the elements and combinations of cakes. The lemon chiffon cake is definitely a surprise last time to me. The milk tea flavour is smooth and gentle, it also goes perfectly with the figs. .